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Another Day (A Wandering Mind Mix) Cover.png

Another Day (A Wandering Mind Mix)

Aug 1st 2023


Nearly a decade into his career as a professional independent artist which has earned the Salt Lake City, UT based singer-songwriter praise for his depth and heartfelt songwriting following multiple albums & singles released throughout his journey in music – it’s clear that every time Richard Tyler Epperson resurfaces with new material, he makes another evolutionary leap with his art & craft.  From his original album Falling Between The Stars in 2013, to his second called Hourglass in 2014, to pivotal singles in his catalog like “Tonight” and “When I Build My World” – the latter of which would go on to be a critically acclaimed cut from his Another Day EP in 2021 – every step Epperson’s made with his career has revealed him leveling-up along the way & proven he’s as dedicated to his music as could be.With the official release of his 4th project titled “A Wandering Mind” on January 1st 2023, Richard is dropping a set-list stocked with his most undeniably ambitious music & powerful songwriting to-date.

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00 - A Wandering Mind - Cover Art.png
07 - Living Within My Thoughts - Cover Art.png
01 - Sunrise - Cover Art.png
06 - A Beautiful Day - Cover Art.png
02 - 2 AM - Cover Art.png
05 - So Stuck On You - Cover Art.png
04 - Take It Slow - Cover Art.png
Christmas Cover 2.png
Another Day EP - Cover.png
When I Build My World - Cover.png
Tonight - Cover.png
Beautiful Day - Cover.png
Hourglass - Album Cover.png
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