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A Wandering Mind PR Press Release Richard Tyler Epperson


      It's evident that every time Richard Tyler Epperson resurfaces with new material, he makes another evolutionary leap with his art and craft. Nearly ten years into his career as a professional independent artist, the Salt Lake City, Utah-based singer-songwriter has earned praise for his depth and heartfelt song writing following multiple albums and singles. Every move Epperson has made in his career has shown him leveling up along the way. This is true of his first album, 2013’s Falling Between the Stars, his second album, 2014’s Hourglass, and pivotal singles in his catalog like "Tonight" and "When I Build My World" (the latter of which would go on to be a critically acclaimed cut from his Another Day EP, released in 2021).

      Born into a family with a long musical history, Epperson learned to play the bass and keyboard in his youth and, with ambitions to pursue a career as a musician already well-ingrained, recorded all of the instruments (minus drums) on his first album himself. He wasted no time in pursuing solo gigs to perfect his live and acoustic acts, earning him appearances in local radio, TV stations, and festivals. For a solo artist who has created every song from scratch in DIY fashion, the outcomes are impressively produced. Cumulatively, his work shows a committed artist who has put his heart and soul into each track. Garnering a top spot in Music Connection Magazine’s Top 25 Unsigned Artists of 2021,      

      Epperson is entering a new peak in his career, with his most recent releases tapping into timeless honesty and showcasing true talent for writing powerful songs that mix substance and flair with deep sentiment. In anticipation of the formal release of his fourth album, A Wandering Mind, at the end of 2022, Epperson is announcing a set list that features some of his most unmistakably ambitious and potent songwriting to date. While he has already developed a particularly honest connection between himself, his audience, and his music throughout the course of his career, listeners will be enthralled by the level of detail that has gone into each new song on A Wandering Mind. Join Richard Tyler Epperson as he embarks into the heart of the most exciting chapter of his career so far, proudly sharing his most intimate songs and the most purely moving melodies he’s ever made.

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