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A Wandering Mind

As compelling & captivating as it is entertaining from start to finish, Epperson’s brand-new record is filled with songs that are evocative, thought-provoking, poetic, and as always, very much based on his real-life experiences.  A songwriter with an authentic gift for describing the world as he sees it through his music, A Wandering Mind is a fully-realized set of songs that are vivid, vibrant, alive, and designed to touch the hearts & minds of listeners.  From stunningly beautiful songs, to devastating moments designed to mirror the ups/downs of the unfiltered thoughts and emotions. A Wandering Mind is a courageous record that holds nothing back in revealing what’s real through music.

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“So Stuck on You” turns up the passion. Not only in the songwriting but in the imagery of the song. It could be considered an alt-ballad as Richard slows it down but also fills the sound space with an assortment of colorful sounds. Emotion is plentiful and welcome for everyone to feel here.


—  Keith Pro

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